About Locations South Africa

Having worked for the former 'Great Locations' in New York, 'Locations' was created in Cape Town in 2002, for the film and still photography industry, we are trying to keep the site as concise as possible with the most popular locations used. Our data bank does contain other locations or extra images of locations listed so please contact us for your specific requirements.

Accommodation is available in some of the homes and we do have details of a few other self catering places for crews to stay on request.

If anyone would like to register a home/farm/office etc. please feel free to contact us, there is no charge to be listed with 'Locations'.

If you click on the 'locations' bar above, the site will show all locations otherwise choose your category on the left.

Mobile: +27 78 786 2951

Tel/Fax: +27 21 465 2144